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Terms and conditions

Charter agreement: All charters booked will be confirmed by a charter agreement, signed by the charter and boat owner or their representative.

Skippers: The skipper has the last say, he/she will be in charge and if not happy with conditions will return to port.

Bookings: To book for one of the trips you can contact our web site, E-mail us on, phone the contact numbers provided or contact the staff in the Frontline. Booking will be subject to availability. Once booking is made a 50% deposit is to be paid 14 days before trip.

Holding deposit: During your charter we will require a holding deposit equal to 50% of your charter, this deposit may be made in cash, travellers cheques or a bankers draft and will be returned when you return to port, after an inspection from skipper.

Skipper: All trips will be chartered with a qualified skipper at all times. The skipper will read safety procedures to the crew. These must be adhered to.

Fuel: Fuel prices will be paid at the end of tour to the skipper. The boat will leave port with full tanks and crew will pay the amount used when boat is fuelled in port on return of their voyage. If fuel station is closed the cost is £35 per hour motoring time for Mirage. The larger the boat the higher the cost per hour.

Liability & Insurance: We will not be liable for the loss of personal equipment. You are responsible for all your personal possessions. There are storage areas on board if you are concerned. We are a fully insured professional chartership company. We advise you to take your own personal insurance for belongings.

Insurance: Our yachts are insured for your use during the charter period. It is mandatory to make your own arrangements for you personal insurance.

Clothing requirements: Whilst on board (if not bare feet) we require you to wear soft shoes, deck shoes or trainers. We advise you to take a hat, sunglasses and sun cream.

Rates: All rates shown are this years new prices. All prices include VAT.

Illness: If you feel you may suffer at sea in any way we advise you to take the necessary precautions. If you suffer from any medical conditions we need to be informed so we can cater for your needs.

On arrival: When arriving at port you report to meeting point provided with confirmation.

Berths: The boat must not be occupied by more persons than the stated number of berths.

Damages: Any damages will be evaluated by the skipper and reported to the office. This will be deducted from the deposit.

Catering: Catering can be provided for customer preference. All catering is on individual price and requirement.

Animals: No animals or pets are to be taken on board.

Firearms: No firearms may be taken on board.

Drugs: It is strictly forbidden to take illegal and/or controlled substances on board, unless a medical practitioner has prescribed those drugs for a specific medical reason suffered by a member of your crew. Should the vessel be seized having been found with illegal and or controlled substances on board, brought on by the charterer, the charterer will be personally responsible for unlimited damages, including full legal costs and expenses incurred in regaining possession of the vessel.

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